Golden Wall Centre En Bloc SOLD to Worldwide Hotels

Golden Wall Centre En Bloc SOLD to Worldwide Hotels

Thanks to institutional-grade properties that are making the breakthrough after two months of en bloc sales breakdown. With owner operators craving the lead, the appetite for hotel properties sounds healthy in the market.

Singapore’s leading tourist class hotel group – the Worldwide Hotels, has acquired the Golden Wall Centre, through its wholly owned subsidiary – the City View Holdings at S$276.2 million.

This successful deal quickly follows the acquisition of Waterloo Apartments by Fragrance Group for hotel development.

And all of this happens in the best month of the year, when thanksgiving and festivities begin.

It has happened just as anticipated by the Sr Director of Investment Advisory, Swee Shou Fern of Edmund Tie & Co (ET&Co), the Marketing Agent, at the launch of the sale.

She found the property impeccable for hotel development with its strategic location at the city outskirts, in close proximity to tourist spots.

Another growing feeling among the collective sale aspirants has been the instinct to increase the asking price from their previous failed attempt.

With the URA approving the hotel development, the present deal surpassed the previous asking price of S$260 million.

The property’s land area at 2,251.9 sqm translates to psf ppr value of S$2,331.

The existing approved GFA of 11,007.929 sqm reflects an equivalent plot ratio of 4.88, duly approved by URA.

Golden Wall Centre is meant for Hotel Development

This deal perfectly complements URA’s goal to transform Ophir-Rochor corridor into mixed use district constituting offices, hotels and residences, promoting greenery and vibrancy along.

With the Little India MRT Exchange within 400 meters and Rochor MRT station literally at its doorsteps, the new hotel is set for a head start with an attractive 180m triple frontage.

It is poised to establish itself as an iconic landmark at the intersecting corners of Rochor Canal Road, Short Street and Albert Street.

There is yet another prestigious but challenging deal handled by ET&Co – the Golden Mile Complex.

This giant typewriter structure provides the honor of nurturing the national monument of the Island and the opportunity to construct new buildings alongside.

Investors and developers have sufficient time to formulate the strategy that could showcase their expertise on this celebrated deal, while the tender closes by Jan 30, 2019, at 3pm for this acquisition.

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