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City Gate Singapore Shopping Mall Opening Soon in Beach Road
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City Gate Singapore Shopping Mall @ Beach Road Opening Soon

PRIME F&B SHOPS Space for Lease in 3 Different Levels &



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The High Street @ 1st Level City Gate Mall

Simply one of the Best Prime Space for Lease. 250m of wide frontage at 1st level provides maximum exposure, facing Jalan Sultan or Beach Road. With magnificent glass façade, it will have great visual impact that attract shoppers easily.

City Gate Singapore Mall High Street Level 1 Maximum Exposure

Lease & Occupy the Best Retail Space in City Gate Singapore Mall Now

7 Shops Space and F&B available, Facing Main Road (Jalan Sultan & Beach Road)

BE THE FIRST! Sooner or Later Your Rivals & Competitors will take up the space

City Gate Mall Floor Plan 3 Level
City Gate Singapore Shopping Mall Level 1 Floor Plan

City Gate Mall Prime F&B and Shops Space For Lease

Facing Main Roads Total = 7 units (The Best)

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Unit No. Unit Type Unit Size (Square meters) Status
#01-01 F & B 72 Available/For Lease
#01-10 F & B 79 Available/For Lease
#01-35 F & B 55 Available/For Lease
#01-08 Shop 45 Available/For Lease
#01-09 Shop 45 Available/For Lease
#01-12 Shop 33 Available/For Lease
#01-13 Shop 40 Available/For Lease
City Gate Mall Floor Plan 3 Level
City Gate Singapore Mall Completion around Q4 2018
City Gate Shopping Mall Under Construction, Completion will be around Q4 2018
City Gate at 371 Beach Road Singapore
City Gate Shopping Mall is located at 371 Beach Road, very easy access from Nicoll Highway MRT Station

City Gate Singapore Mall Review

Do you wish to establish a brick-and-mortar retail business in Singapore but are having trouble finding a profitable place to set up your store? Every retail store needs a convenient space, proper exposure, and a steady stream of potential customers.

Without a shred of a doubt, the upcoming City Gate Mall in Singapore has it all and satisfy everything you need.

The City Gate Singapore Mall is a mixed development (residential & commercial) located bang in the middle of Jalan Sultan and Beach Road, two of the busiest streets in the island country.

Imagine the number of people that would be swarming into the mall every single day post its completion!

The Ophir/Rochor in Central Area is also flanked by a number of residential complexes, ensuring that the mall would always be bustling with potential customers.

Boasting of close to 30 restaurants, over 150 retail shops, and a colossal food court that houses exquisite F&B outlets, the City Gate Shopping Mall is one of the largest hang-out spaces in Singapore.

You can never find it unoccupied either in the wee hours of the morning, or during the late night closing time. And the Supermarket huddled in the mall is almost as extensive as the food court, stretching for over 3700 square feet and lined with every necessity that a monthly shopper needs for his/her household.

In order to add to the already accessible three-storey commercial mall, a magnificent bridge has been constructed connecting to the crowded Nicoll Highway MRT Station, allowing the commuters direct entrance to City Gate Mall.

And the facade facing the arrivals has been decorated with the innumerable offerings that can be found inside, organically gathering the masses like bees to a hive.

If all these innovative and attractive marketing tactics won’t reel the customers in, which is highly unlikely, then the elegant architecture of the building definitely will!

City Gate Singapore Mall Information

Food Court
Carpark for Residential
Carpark for Commercial
Loading Bay
City Gate Singapore Mall Traffic All Around

Why City Gate Mall is the Best Place to Set Up a Business

If you haven’t already been amazed by the number of accessibility options like a prime MRT station’s direct connectivity, an attractive marketing framework, its ideal location amidst the busiest streets, and its vast shopping area combined with a range of recreational activities, then you’d definitely be surprised by the City Gate Mall’s quite a few other amenities for its customers and business owning clients.

The Nicoll Highway MRT station is not the only one nearby, but also is the Lavender MRT, another crowded station in the vicinity. Add to that the proximity of prime expressways in the region, and you get a constant stream of customers from land or rail.

Since Singapore has always been a continuous attraction for tourists from all over the world, you can expect a considerable number of travellers making their way into City Gate, thanks to the Golden Mile Tower, Golden Sultan Plaza, Malay Heritage Center, The Concourse, Hotel 81, Textile Center, and Concourse Skyline surrounding the area.

And at the moment, you are bound to get the best deal for the commercial spaces remaining in the mall, they being a few, given that over 60% of the shops have already been sold. Don’t deign to forget the tourists from the outstanding Beach Road and Bugis nearby who are certain to make their way into the only glorious structure for miles on end, the City Gate Singapore Mall.

Since the developers of the mall had already foreshadowed the arrival of uncountable shoppers, they have constructed over 110 parking spots, replete with three loading bays.

City Gate Singapore is set to accommodate the different lifestyles of every visitor that sets foot beyond their doors, as they are won’t to pass through a variety of cultures congregated within the confines of the mall. You can rest assured that an individual having just a handful few SGDs in their pocket can have as much fun in the mall as a loaded tourist.

Coming to the security of the clients, City Gate has exemplary guards stationed near every entrance and exit, ensuring the safety of the shoppers and shopkeepers alike. And the security of clients is something that many other malls in the island country ignore, making City Gate unique in the way of business owners in the region.

A secure way to entertain themselves is what the tourists and residents in the country are looking for. City Gate provides both, with the added privileges of accessibility and flamboyance.

Its eventual upsurge is only a matter of time, so why not set up your business within the most promising malls in the history of Singapore, boosting its repute further still while you are at it!

You get a credible customer base, access to affordable and profound marketing techniques, and most importantly, safety and security beyond imagining. The only thing that keeps you from signing a contract with the developers is the apparent scarcity of the remaining commercial spaces within.

The XCHANGE @ Basement Level City Gate Singapore Mall

You can find over 70 shops and restaurants at this level and also a Food Court that anchor here. A food court usually serve huge crowds each day and thus attract huge human traffic to your business. Setting up your store here is a good ideal.

City Gate Singapore Shopping Mall Basement Level Food Court
City Gate Mall Floor Plan 3 Level
2 Important Supply Line

For any Retail Business to be Successful, Connectivity is very important. Excellent connectivity with high human traffic will only boost your Business

City Gate Singapore Bridge at level 2
At Level 2 City Gate Mall, there is a Overhead bridge that connects to Nicoll Highway MRT
City Gate Singapore Mall is Very Close to Nicoll Highway MRT
Nicoll Highway MRT Station: Traffic will flow from here. With this Circle Line, Shoppers from Marina Square, Marina Bay and CBD can access to the mall easily

If you didn’t already know, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), is one of the biggest transportation systems present in Singapore, known to interconnect all the major stations in the island country – one of them being the Nicoll Highway. And its proximity to the City Gate Singapore Mall opens up a plethora of new avenues for incoming customers unforeseen. A direct connecting route adds to the already existing link between the two.

The commercial perks of this direct link include,

  • The convenience of the commuting residents of the region.
  • The increase in the number of outside folks being directed the mall.
  • The user-friendly access to City Gate from all around the city without a hassle.

Thus, you can expect a large number of potential customers gathered in and around your commercial space, constantly purchasing your products at any time of the day. So much so that the Nicoll Highway bridge is commonly referred to as the Money Link Bridge” among the existing clients of City Gate.

City Gate Singapore Mall is near to Lavender MRT
Another traffic Generator: Lavender MRT beside ICA Building.   
ICA Building near City Gate Singapore Shopping Mall
ICA Building: Serve thousands of people each day
ICA Building and Lavender MRT

Lavender MRT, the premier station that connects several other location in Singapore, is just about 6 mins walk from the City Gate Singapore Mall.

You would be hard put to find another major location to set up your business that offers such accessibility coupled with so affordable prices. Don’t believe us? Try reaching other tourist-friendly locations like Paya Lebar, Bugis and Raffles Place through ways easier than boarding a train at Lavender MRT!

Apart from City Gate’s proximity to this booming paradise of a station, it is also close to the ICA Building, the only immigration and checkpoints authority of the island country.

Where do you think the constant flow of immigrants will be headed after resolving their exodus issues with the government?

The City Gate Mall, of course! What with its affordable housing rooms and purchase variety, you can always expect an expat or two in your shop every day of the week.

And you can rest assured that the immigrants will never stop crossing the borders of Singapore, eventually leading them to the ICA Building. Soon after they finish verifying their identity and registration to the authorities, you can definitely find them trickling in the mall looking to spend their hard-earned cash in your shop or restaurant.

That is not all, however! Once City Gate’s entire construction is complete, the developers are bound to promote the mall in and around the area, thus giving you an additional marketing bonus for your business.

Prime Location and Excellent Connectivity
City Gate Singapore Mall Excellent Connectivity

Standing right in the hustle-bustle of Beach Road, the City Gate Singapore Mall has already started attracting quite a bit of attention. If you didn’t know already, the Beach Road was once the pride of the British colonial empire prevalent in the early 20th century.

Since then, it has remained a prominent landmark for tourists from all around the globe. A sparkling new mall is certain to be visible from anywhere in the stretch, luring trespassers from even the furthest reaches of Beach Road.

Additionally, it is not only the rich history that Beach Road showcases which will attract the travellers, but also the flourishing corporate buildings that surround it.

Many thousands of professionals are transferred from their hometowns to Singapore, quite a few of which end up on or near the location of City Gate Mall.

Where else do you think these high-profile expats will acquire their daily needs and post-work entertainment from!

And did we forget the potential of Orchard Road located nearby to bring in an alarming number of event-attendees? If you have been a resident of Singapore for quite sometime, then you are sure to have encountered several events, corporate or otherwise, taking place in Orchard Road throughout the year.

And this conspicuous area is just a few hundred meters away from City Gate, thus grouping the numerous event audiences together in the mall.

Add to that its proximity to the three crucial expressways of the Singapore – the East Coast, the Kallang-Paya Lebar, and the Marina Coastal. A simple detour from any of these expressways will lead the travellers directly to City Gate Mall.

Why Invest in City Gate Commercial Property
Why Investors should Turn to this Commercial Property

As if the aforementioned reasons weren’t enough, here are a few more technical ones that are bound to change your mind in favour of City Gate Singapore.

Did you know that when any property is officially classified as commercial, this makes them non-subject to the any cooling measures! This is Great isn’t it.

And since commercial properties are exempt from Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) and Seller’s Stamp Duty (SSD), your profits will almost entirely be your own.

One of the only other things that remain applicable is the GST (Goods and Services Tax), which can be completely recovered during regular filing.

All in all, if you were to purchase a shop in the City Gate Mall, you will profit not only from the business that it would generate, but also from the numerous tax saving options that it would provide.

City Gate Mall Banner
City Gate Mall Floor Plan 3 Level

The Perfect Location to Set up your Business. Don’t Wait! cause these retail spaces can be taken up easily.

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