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Property Investment Book Sale Singapore Multiplication Strategies in Real Estate

Multiplication Strategies in Real Estate

Product Description

Proven strategies that Tracy used to invest in real estate with certainty to reap millions.
“Never lose money” and “Profit is in the buying”.

4 Multiplication Strategies include:

– Rental Returns (R²) Strategy

– High & Higher (H²) Strategy

– High-Low (HL) Strategy

– Change of Government Rules (CG) Strategy

Tracy will now share with readers; explaining these strategies in details and giving examples on how the strategies can be used.

(No. of pages: 94 pages)

Book Testimony: 

“Reading Tracy’s books can be liken to opening a treasure-cove full of property investment wisdom. I have read Tracy’s first book three times over and have certainly benefited from her clear articulation of her strategies and the use of actual supporting examples and calculations. A definite must-read for all who desire to know how their property purchases can achieve their long-term financial goals.”

Property Investment Book Sale Singapore Peace Investing

Peace Investing

Product Description

“I can sleep when the storms come”

This book PEACE Investing talks about the various objectives and focus in property investment. Its prequel, Multiplication Strategies in Real Estate talks about the strategies to carry out PEACE Investing.

PEACE Investing removes fear, destructive & speculative behaviour in property investments!

(No. of pages: 112 pages)