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This Course will give attendees crystal clear  figures on rental expected in condos that they are considering and will be able to see their estimated monthly cash flow, be it negative or positive and annual net rental income to determine whether this potential property is a good investment to acquire for their property portfolios.

Knowing this before the investment decision is utmost important.  Unfortunately, many commit to investment decisions without any understanding of their cash flow from their properties.

Making decision on high rental yield is the safest strategy” in all real estate investments.  It is the only strategy that allows investors to be willing to be happily stuck with a high yield investment.

In this investment talk, investors will also understand how this translates to certainty in profits in capital appreciation when they are selling.

Hence, investors will get to earn high net rental income and eventual high passive income and capital appreciation using this strategy.


  1. Monthly Negative Cashflow:

Low rental returns in many properties have caused many mortgagee sales for decades. And many investors were forced to sell below their purchase prices as they could not stomach the monthly negative cash flow which means that they have to top up to pay the monthly installments.

  1. Difficult to Rent:

Many investors look at psf when they are making their investment decisions. However, there are many cheap properties that are difficult to rent and have very low yield. What is more important is that the properties are easy to rent.

  1. Stagnant Properties:

Nobody wants to buy a stagnant property if they know about it, of course.   If the entry price is too high, the property becomes a stagnant property where there is no capital appreciation. Usually investors get carried away with very beautiful properties. So how do you know whether you are investing in a stagnant property? Learn how to do some cash flow test in this investment talk to avoid stagnant property.

Learn How to Avoid Them and Invest the Right Property

Tracy Goh Investment Talks Students Testimonies

Students Testimonies After Attending Tracy Goh Investment Course

“Very good to showcase how property can grow their wealth for many people.  Display how one can cash out to make more” – Kelvin Fong

“This is a very informative talk.  Learned not to put in too much emotion in the investment of properties” – Jaime Lee

“Tracy has in depth knowledge in real estate investing.  Super informative class and enjoyable as always” – Alethea Seow

“Interesting, informative inspiring talk” – Thomas Chin

“It is an interesting way to teach a course by playing a game.  From the game, I learn how to do some basic calculation and how property prices appreciate over time” – Goh Teck Keng

“Insightful and interesting talk for someone who has no prior knowledge” – Tay Ming Wei

“Excellent and exciting! Thank you for all the genuine sharing and real life examples!” – Jessica Chan

“A real eye opener.  Learned a lot about the thinking process of investment” – Eugene Yeo

“Very interesting and gives a good idea of how i can invest to gain the profit” – Jos Chang

“Very interactive session.  Good sharing and easy to understand” – Jeffrey Zeus

“Very good insight based on experience.  Would like to learn more from Tracy” – Michelle Chia

“Dare to invest is something I learned” – Bryan Tan

“In today’s talk, ideas on fundamentals are given a real feel and experience.  Excellent as usual”  – Angela Cheong

“Very impressive and gain wide knowledge in property market and investment” – David Chew

“Very fun and interactive session! Highly recommended” – Yong Kok Wong

“Amazing!  Practical and down to the ground analysis and great games that simulated the real market!  I will look for Tracy for advice in real estate investment” – Kevin Feng

“Great talk and a lot of details and insights! Thanks!” – Leland Yong

“Awesome insights in Singapore properties!” – Irvin Boo

“Totally selfless sharing of your valuable experience” – Justin Ng

“Interactive and fun sharing experience” – Raymond Ho

“Truly eye opener, awesome!” – Lin Sallee

“Fun and realistic talk, insightful, interesting, up to date info.” – Calvin Lee

“Very deep insight and convincing explanation.  Very straight forward advice” – Mike Tan

“Very interesting and fun learning through games” – Robin Chan

“Very interesting course with property investment simulation game.  Good lessons learned on how to grow your wealth” – Doreen Thang

“Very interesting and informative way of looking at investment.  Definitely looking forward to be more impressed by Tracy’s knowledge” – Tammy Sim

“Very impressive.  The simulation game really makes me think and look at investing in real estate in a different angle” – Karen Goh

“Very interesting, intense and enriching.  Gives a very good insight on how to choose the right property be it investment or self stay” – Steven Lee

“Impressive trainer.  Insightful contents, practical relevant tips for attendees” – Amy Sng

Tracy Goh Investment Talks Jan Event
Tracy Goh Investment Talks Classroom Students attending the Course

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Discover the impact of high land prices
  2. Identify properties with H² Strategy

In this coming investment talk part 2 on H² strategy, candidates are sharpened to identify properties with H² strategy through unemotional eyes. In all kinds of investment, emotion is the biggest culprit that cause investors to panic and lost lots of money and sold at the worst time.   And to invest in “pretty” properties that have no upside potential.

Questions like:

There is a new MRT station coming.

There is a new mall coming.

There is a new school coming.

There is new transformation in this town

Will all these factors cause real estate prices to appreciate?

Are there more important factors to consider?

In this talk, candidates get to examine real case studies that had and had not been impacted by these factors. And understand all the whys and why nots.

Understanding H² strategy will enable investors to sell stagnant properties and acquire appreciating assets.

This is one way to keep multiplying your wealth through real estate investments.