Chartwell Drive Bungalow For Sale – A Rare Gem at S$8 Million (999-Year Leasehold)

Chartwell Drive Bungalow For Sale

A Rare Gem at S$8 Million (999-Year Leasehold)

Welcome to the serene and prestigious neighborhood of Chartwell Drive, where a rare opportunity awaits discerning property owners.

We are delighted to present a unique bungalow for sale, priced at S$8 million with a 999-year leasehold tenure.

This landed property is an exquisite find for those seeking tranquility and the potential to create a dream home in one of Singapore’s most serene areas.

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Key Highlights of This Exclusive Property

  • Spacious and Harmonious Design: This property boasts a generously sized plot with a wide frontage, offering an ideal setting for a balanced and harmonious living experience. Its layout and design are perfect for those who value spaciousness and tranquility in their home environment.

  • Potential for Customization: The colonial-style architecture offers immense potential for Additions and Alterations (A&A) work. Imagine transforming it into a bespoke bungalow that perfectly suits your taste and lifestyle.

  • Ample Parking Space: With the ability to park up to six cars easily, this property is suited for families and business owners who value convenience and accessibility.

  • Excellent Location: Situated within walking distance to the renowned Chomp Chomp Food Centre and local supermarkets, the detached house offers the perfect blend of tranquility and convenience.

Property Specifications

  • Type: Bungalow or Detached House (Landed)

  • Area: a land area of 6,630 sq ft and a floor area of 2,400 sq ft.

  • Structure: A 2-storey establishment featuring a granny room (ensuite) on the first level and 4 bedrooms on the second level.

  • Total Accommodations: It comprises 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, catering to a comfortable family lifestyle.

  • Address: Chartwell Drive, Singapore District 19.

  • Sale Type: Private Treaty

  • Guide Price: S$8 million (PSF: S$1,207).

  • TOP Date: The property was topped in 2000, standing the test of time with its enduring charm.

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What is a Bungalow or Detached House in Singapore?

What is a Bungalow or Detached House in Singapore?

In Singapore, a bungalow or detached house refers to a type of landed residential property that stands independently on its own land parcel.

Unlike semi-detached houses or terraced houses, a detached house does not share any walls with neighboring properties.

Here are some key characteristics:

  • Independent Structure: Detached houses are single, free-standing structures. They are distinct in that they are not physically connected to any other houses.

  • Private Land: The house is situated on its own land, providing owners with exclusive use of the land area. This often includes a front yard, backyard, or garden space.

  • Design Freedom: Owners of detached houses typically have more freedom to design and modify their property, both internally and externally, subject to planning permissions and regulations.

  • Privacy and Space: Bungalows offer more privacy as there are no shared walls with neighbors. They often provide more living space, both indoors and outdoors, compared to other types of residential properties.

  • Variety of Styles: In Singapore, detached houses come in various architectural styles and sizes, ranging from traditional colonial houses to modern, bespoke designs.

  • Higher Price Point: Due to the independence, space, and privacy they offer, bungalows in Singapore are generally more expensive than other types of landed properties and are often seen as a symbol of prestige.

  • Location: Detached houses are found throughout Singapore, including in prime residential areas and quieter, suburban neighborhoods.

Owning a bungalow or detached house in Singapore is highly desirable due to the combination of privacy, space, and the potential for personalization, making them a sought-after type of property in the city-state’s real estate market.

Who can buy a Bungalow or Detached House in Singapore?

In Singapore, the eligibility to purchase a bungalow, like other forms of landed residential property, is subject to certain regulations, particularly concerning the buyer’s citizenship status. Here’s an overview:

  • Singapore Citizens: Singaporean citizens have the fewest restrictions and are fully eligible to purchase bungalows in Singapore. They can own landed properties in both designated landed housing areas and non-restricted zones.

  • Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs): Permanent residents can buy detached houses, but with certain conditions. They typically need to have been PRs for at least five years and must obtain approval from the Singapore Land Authority (SLA). Additionally, PRs are only allowed to purchase landed property for owner-occupation purposes, not for investment purposes.

  • Foreigners and Corporate Entities: Generally, foreigners and corporate entities are not permitted to purchase bungalows or other landed residential properties in Singapore, except on Sentosa Island, where the restrictions are more relaxed under certain conditions. Even in this case, foreign buyers must seek approval from the Singapore Land Authority and demonstrate a substantial economic contribution to Singapore.

  • Exceptions and Conditions: In exceptional cases, a foreigner might be granted permission to purchase a bungalow if they make significant economic contributions to Singapore or under other special circumstances. Such approvals are rare and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the relevant authorities.

It’s important to note that the rules and regulations surrounding property ownership in Singapore are subject to change and can be complex.

Potential buyers, especially those who are not Singaporean citizens, should seek detailed, current information and legal advice before proceeding with a purchase. ​

Discover Serene Living at Chartwell Drive, Serangoon Garden: Your Ideal Residential Haven in Singapore
Discover Serene Living at Chartwell Drive, Serangoon Garden: Your Ideal Residential Haven in Singapore

Chartwell Drive, nestled in the serene Serangoon Garden area of Singapore, stands out as a highly desirable residential location, blending tranquility with easy access to a host of amenities.

This area is a perfect fit for those seeking a peaceful living environment with the convenience of urban amenities close at hand.

Key Highlights of Residing on Chartwell Drive:

  • Tranquil Residential Setting: Chartwell Drive is celebrated for its peaceful and leafy surroundings, offering residents a calm oasis in the bustling city of Singapore.

  • Proximity to Amenities: The area boasts easy access to various amenities, including:

      • Shopping and Dining: Residents can enjoy a range of retail stores, eateries, and services at myVillage at Serangoon Garden and indulge in local culinary delights at Chomp Chomp Food Centre and Serangoon Garden Market.
      • Healthcare Facilities: The vicinity is served by general practitioners and dental clinics, with larger medical facilities just a short drive away.
  • Leisure and Recreation: For leisure and outdoor activities, the Serangoon Gardens Country Club and Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park are nearby, offering facilities like swimming pools, tennis courts, and ample green spaces for relaxation.

  • Educational Opportunities: The area is home to several reputable schools, such as Zhonghua Primary School and Rosyth School, making it an ideal location for families. Additionally, several childcare and enrichment centers cater to the needs of younger children.

  • Strong Community Spirit: Serangoon Garden, where Chartwell Drive is situated, is known for its strong community feel, reminiscent of older, established neighborhoods.

  • Excellent Connectivity: Public transport is easily accessible with bus services and nearby MRT stations like Lorong Chuan and Serangoon MRT, facilitating convenient commutes across Singapore.

  • Robust Property Value: The properties in Chartwell Drive, particularly landed homes, are sought after for their long-term value appreciation, making them a wise investment.

  • Community Services: The Serangoon Community Club and Serangoon Public Library, located a short drive away, offer various activities, events, and resources for residents of all ages.

  • Green Spaces: The proximity to neighborhood parks and green areas provides a peaceful retreat from urban life, adding to the charm of living on Chartwell Drive.

Why Choose Chartwell Drive?

Choosing to reside on Chartwell Drive means embracing a lifestyle where serenity meets convenience.

It’s an area that not only promises a tranquil living environment but also provides all the urban amenities one could need, from shopping and dining to education and healthcare, all within easy reach.

The blend of suburban tranquility and urban accessibility makes Chartwell Drive an ideal location for families and individuals seeking a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle in Singapore.

This Chartwell Drive detached house is not just a living space; it’s a chance to create your dream home in a serene and prestigious area of Singapore.

For more information or to schedule a viewing, please contact us.

As experienced property experts, we are dedicated to helping you find your perfect home.

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