Vanda Road Semi-Detached House Sold

Record-Breaking Sale: Vanda Road Semi-Detached House Sold at $13.1 Million ($3,572 psf)

Record-Breaking Sale: Vanda Road Semi-Detached House Sold at $13.1 Million ($3,572 psf)

Unprecedented Price in District 11’s Prestigious Neighbourhood

In a striking testament to Singapore’s robust real estate market, a semi-detached house along Vanda Road has set a new benchmark, selling for a record $13.1 million, or $3,572 per square foot (psf), in January.

This landmark transaction not only marks the highest absolute price ever achieved in the Vanda Road-Linden Drive area of District 11 but also sets a new record for psf price in the neighborhood.

From Acquisition to Record Sale

Acquired by Mr. and Mrs. Tan in November 2021, just before its Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) was issued in 2022, the property was purchased for $11.18 million, or $3,049 psf.

Featuring a substantial built-up area of 9,000 sq ft, this luxurious home is equipped with five en suite bedrooms, a wine cellar, an expansive lawn, and an 18-meter lap pool, with ample space for up to four cars in the driveway and car porch.

Initially listed for $13.8 million ($3,763 psf) in September, the sale eventually closed at just 5% below the asking price.

“It is one of the more well-built semi-detached houses I’ve transacted, and this certainly helped the buyers decide on their purchase,” remarked Alvin Choo, associate district director of investment sales and affluent markets at PropNex, who facilitated the transaction.

The Tans’ Next Chapter

Even before finalizing the sale, the Tans were on the lookout for a new home, aiming to stay within the Bukit Timah-Dunearn Road vicinity, close to their children’s schools.

Describing themselves as “addicted to fresh starts,” they sought an older home they could personalize with extensive additions and alterations.

Their search led them to a detached house on Duchess Avenue in prime District 10, a shift from their previous location in District 11.

This 999-year leasehold property, boasting a land area of 5,880 sq ft, was acquired for $13.99 million ($2,379 psf), with Choo once again brokering the deal.

This series of high-value transactions highlights the dynamism and resilience of Singapore’s luxury property market, with discerning buyers and sellers driving demand for premium residential spaces in the city’s most coveted neighborhoods.

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