Island View Condo En Bloc Sale 2023 | D5 Freehold RCR

Island View Condo En Bloc Sale 2023: A Developer’s Golden Opportunity

Interested Parties Must Submit Their Bids Before Oct 19 at 2 pm.

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Excitement stirred up when PropNex Singapore announced on September 19 that the highly anticipated Island View Condo, a freehold site in Pasir Panjang, was launched for collective sale via public tender.

The reserve price for this sought-after development has been set at an impressive $575 million, excluding the land betterment charge.

The Jalan Mat Jambol freehold property, with its prime location, is expected to attract substantial interest from potential buyers.

This news has generated excitement within the real estate market as investors and developers eagerly await the opportunity to acquire this valuable asset.

Incorporating the most recent land betterment charge and the additional 7 percent bonus balcony space, the land rate has been calculated to be $1,623 per square foot per plot ratio.

In 1984, the construction of Island View Condo in District 5 was successfully finished.

This residential development consists of a total of 72 units and is situated on a vast freehold site that spans approximately 28,757.3 square meters (or around 309,543 square feet).

According to the Master Plan 2019, the site has been designated for residential use and has a gross plot ratio of 1.4.

Potential investors would be excited to know that it holds the promise for redevelopment up to 5 storeys.

If developed to its full potential, it could accommodate a total of 402 new dwelling units. This estimate is based on an average unit size of 100 square meters.

Island View Site Quick Facts

  • Rare Freehold Plot

  • Medium Site, GFA: 433,360 sq ft

  • Elevated Site: Higher Ground Offer Captivating Views

  • Serene Environment With Green Space Around

  • Kent Ridge Park Close by

  • Connected to The Southern Ridges

  • Rest of Central Region (RCR)

  • 4 mins Walk To Pasir Panjang MRT

  • VivoCity Mega Mall (3 Stops)

  • Close to Sentosa Island

  • Central Business District (10 mins Drive)

  • Huge Array of Amenities Nearby

  • Within High Employment Area

Island View Site: Alluring Factors

The Pasir Panjang MRT station is about a 4-minute walk from the Island View Site.

The Pasir Panjang MRT station is about a 4-minute walk from the Island View Site. Making Traveling Easier for Future Residents

According to recently promoted Laurence Wong, the Head of Collective Sales at PropNex, Island View’s appeal stems from its advantageous location, which offers the best of both worlds.

Situated just a 10-minute drive away from the central business district and a short walking distance from the Pasir Panjang MRT station, the development also boasts proximity to nature, including the renowned Mount Faber Park.

In Pasir Panjang, there is a notable distinction: it holds the title of being the largest freehold condominium land in the area.

The successful tenderer has the opportunity to construct a distinctive luxury development in District 5 that will distinguish itself from other residential projects.

This advantage stems from the ample land available, which allows for the inclusion of a diverse array of condominium facilities and social areas.

Furthermore, the site is strategically positioned along Singapore’s southern coastline, which presents the possibility of providing units on elevated floors with captivating views of the sea.

Huge Amenities Around Island View Condo

Huge Amenities Around Island View Condo

In the vicinity, one can find a diverse range of amenities, including Pasir Panjang Food Centre, VivoCity mega mall, Mapletree Business City, Science Park, Sentosa Island, Telok Blangah Market, Alexandra Village Food Centre, and the upcoming redevelopment of HarbourFront Centre.

Sentosa isn’t merely an island—it’s a world of experiences brimming with top-tier attractions, verdant rainforests, and pristine beaches, perennially attracting both residents and tourists.

VivoCity, Singapore’s premier mall, boasts a diverse mix of retail, entertainment, and culinary delights. Such nearby destinations guarantee that residents will always have premium leisure activities right on their doorstep.

Island View Condo is also located in close proximity to a multitude of recreational options and attractions, this property is conveniently situated near the Southern Ridges.

This popular destination connects with Hort Park and Mount Faber through elevated boardwalks and hiking trails, providing visitors with a seamless outdoor experience.

Everyone Loves Green: Kent Ridge Park Just Behind Island View Condo

Kent Ridge Park Just Behind Island View Condo

According To a Recent Survey, Homeowners Would Buy a Home Near a Park or Nature Reserve

In the bustling city-state of Singapore, finding a quiet, green space right at the doorstep of one’s residence is a rare luxury.

As more new home buyers look to live in a serene environment with green space around, developers should use this opportunity to build a new residential luxury development in this area.

The new luxury condominium will be every homeowner’s dream and will easily become their top choice when it comes to purchasing a new home.

Let’s delve into why having a park like Kent Ridge right behind one’s property is every homeowner’s desire and how it elevates the value and experience of living at this location.

  • A Breather from Urban Life

    One of the foremost reasons property owners cherish having a park nearby is the escape it offers from the concrete jungle. Amidst skyscrapers and bustling roads, a green sanctuary like Kent Ridge Park provides residents with a daily dose of nature, fresh air, and tranquility.

  • Boosting Property Value

    Properties adjacent to parks or natural reserves often command higher prices than those without. The lure of nature, the promise of serene views, and the proximity to recreational activities make these properties more appealing to potential buyers and investors.

  • Healthy Living

    With the world increasingly moving towards health and wellness, having immediate access to Kent Ridge Park encourages a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s morning jogs, evening walks, or fitness sessions at the park’s 20 stations, residents can effortlessly integrate fitness into their daily routines.

  • Biodiversity at Your Doorstep

    Nature lovers will be thrilled with the high biodiversity of wildlife that Kent Ridge Park houses. From turtles and fish in the natural pond to the delightful sights of sunbirds and squirrels along the Canopy Walk, there’s always something to marvel at.

  • Cultural and Historical Enrichment

    Kent Ridge isn’t just about flora and fauna; it’s a place steeped in history. The park allows residents and visitors to relive moments from World War II, offering cultural enrichment that few other places can provide. Tourists also love to visit this park.

  • Community Building

    Parks serve as community hubs, promoting social interactions among residents. Whether it’s weekend picnics, morning yoga sessions, or bird-watching groups, such spaces foster community spirit and camaraderie.

Elevated Mental Well-being

Numerous studies have shown the positive impact of green spaces on mental health. The tranquility, the sounds of nature, and the sheer beauty of the park can work wonders in reducing stress and anxiety and promoting overall well-being.

In conclusion, Island View Condo’s strategic location, with Kent Ridge Park as its verdant backdrop, offers a unique blend of urban luxury and nature’s splendour.

For homeowners, it’s not just about owning a property; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that brings the best of both worlds.

As the saying goes, “Everyone loves green,” and the future residents of this newly developed condo have the privilege of experiencing it every single day.

Kent Ridge Park is Connected to the Grand “The Southern Ridges”

Kent Ridge Park is Connected to The Southern Ridges

Kent Ridge Park, known for its tranquility and lush greenery, is a vital part of the grand Southern Ridges in Singapore.

This expansive network, spanning 10 km, seamlessly links a series of parks and nature reserves, creating a verdant corridor for walking enthusiasts, history aficionados, nature lovers, and families seeking a refreshing escape.

The Southern Ridges not only encompass Kent Ridge Park but also extend to other scenic locales such as Telok Blangah Hill Park, Mount Faber Park, HortPark, and Labrador Nature Reserve.

Together, these interconnected green spaces provide an unparalleled outdoor experience, steeped in both natural beauty and historical significance.

One of the defining features of the Southern Ridges is their panoramic vistas. From select vantage points, visitors can revel in sweeping views of Singapore’s bustling city, serene harbour, and the distant Southern Islands.

These ridges are also a treasure trove of biodiversity, with a rich assortment of flora and fauna calling this area home.

The Iconic Landmark Henderson Waves at The Southern Ridges

“Henderson Waves” is an Iconic Landmark. This Is Where The Crowds Congregate To Enjoy The Magnificent View and Photo Opportunities

A significant landmark within this network is the Henderson Waves. This architectural marvel connects Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park.

Towering at 36 metres above Henderson Road, it claims the title of Singapore’s highest pedestrian bridge. Its unique design, reminiscent of undulating waves made up of curved ‘ribs’, draws both locals and tourists alike.

Beyond the Henderson Waves, the Southern Ridges boast other attractions, such as the Forest Walk and Canopy Walk.

These pathways, suspended amidst the Adinandra Belukar—a specific kind of secondary forest—offer visitors a chance to walk amongst treetops, observe native birds, and immerse themselves in the area’s rich biodiversity.

Furthermore, the recently unveiled Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk near Berlayer Creek introduces visitors to even more diverse ecosystems. Here, one can witness a myriad of plant and animal life, making it an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts.

In essence, Kent Ridge Park’s connection to the grand Southern Ridges offers residents and tourists an exceptional blend of history, nature, and architectural feats.

It stands as a testament to Singapore’s dedication to preserving green spaces amidst rapid urban development, providing an oasis away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Excellent Connectivity and Connects to Many Key Areas

Island View Condo is Close to the National University Hospital

World Class Medical Facility “National University Hospital” is Close To the island View En Bloc Site

Island View is Close to the National University of Singapore

Young Parents Would Buy a Home Near a Prestigious School Such as “National University Of Singapore” For Their Children

The collective sale site benefits from excellent public transportation options, with the Pasir Panjang MRT station on the Circle Line (CCL) located approximately 330m away.

Additionally, it offers convenient access to the West Coast Highway, which connects to Tuas, as well as the East Coast Parkway for travel towards the east.

The Pasir Panjang MRT station is conveniently situated just two stops away from Kent Ridge station.

This particular station is of great significance as it provides access to both the National University Hospital and the National University of Singapore.

Additionally, Pasir Panjang MRT station is also a mere three stops away from the one-north precinct, a highly notable research and development hub as well as a prominent employment node.

In a bid to enhance connectivity and reduce commuting times, the completion of the Circle Line in 2026 is set to bring about significant improvements.

With the unveiling of three new stations, namely Keppel, Cantonment, and Prince Edward Road, the MRT network will be further bolstered, promising a more efficient and seamless travel experience for commuters.

A New Project Within a High Employment Area Will Appeal To Property Investors
Most property investors will be drawn to new freehold units near the massive ongoing project "Greater Southern Waterfront," established developments, and reputable schools.

Most Property Investors Will Be Drawn To New Freehold Units Near The Massive Ongoing Project “Greater Southern Waterfront,” Established Developments, and Reputable Schools.

According to Laurence Wong of PropNex, property investors could potentially benefit from a significant leasing demand for future residential projects.

This appeal is expected to be particularly strong among professionals working in various areas such as Alexandra Technopark, HarbourFront, Science Park, Mapletree Business City, one-north, NUS, and the NUH.

In the foreseeable future, the Pasir Panjang district has the potential to reap advantages from upcoming projects in the vicinity.

These include the Greater Southern Waterfront, which is set to become a prominent hub for urban living and commercial ventures.

Additionally, the ongoing revitalization of Sentosa and its attractions could further contribute to the district’s growth and prosperity.

In the vicinity, notable educational institutions such as Singapore Polytechnic, Blangah Rise Primary, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Bukit Merah Secondary, United World College of South East Asia (Dover Campus), and ISS International School (Preston Campus) can be found.

To visionary developers, Island View represents more than just a redevelopment opportunity—it embodies the future of luxury living in Singapore.

A potential en bloc site like Island View Condo is very rare on the market and not always available.

Its unmatched location, forthcoming attractions, freehold tenure, captivating views, and proximity to Singapore’s prime attractions all combine to promise significant long-term value appreciation.

It’s an opportunity that warrants every developer’s attention.

Interested Parties Must Submit Their Bids Before Oct 19 at 2 pm.

For Enquiries, Site Inspection Please Email to  for More Information

Island View Condo En Bloc All Details
  • Status: For Sale

  • Tenure: Freehold

  • Land Size: 309,543 sq ft

  • Gross Floor Area: 433,360 sq ft

  • Total Units: 72

  • Gross Plot Ratio: 1.4

  • Nearest MRT: Pasir Panjang (4 mins Walk)

  • Address: 38A – 38D Jalan Mat Jambol

  • District: 5

  • Singapore Region: Rest of Central Region (RCR)

  • Marketing Agent: PropNex Singapore

  • Reserve Price: S$575 million

  • Tender Close: Oct 19, 2023